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Meet Morgan Thompson – Our General Practice and Clinical Osteopath

About Morgan Thompson – our general practice and clinical osteopath.

Meet Morgan, our award winning general practice osteopath who has a special interest in back and neck pain – including spinal conditions such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis, sports injuries, foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, and complex clinical and chronic conditions.

Morgan has a keen interest in sports/exercise injury rehabilitation through manual therapy and exercise prescription and has extensive involvement in professional and amateur sports, including badminton and tennis at local and county level. Morgan is accomplished in all levels of osteopathic and physical therapy techniques, including dry needling and medical acupuncture, shockwave therapy and IDD therapy.

We asked him a few questions to introduce himself!


“Morgan - what makes you so passionate about working at The Art of Healing clinic?”

Firstly, we have a very good range of technology here, the gold standard non-surgical equipment for treating all kinds of conditions we face in the clinic on a day-to-day basis – from using the IDD therapy technology to overcome disc and spinal pain and shockwave therapy to treat conditions such as bursitis.

This kind of technology and equipment really do help treat a lot of conditions much easier, and its great that we have such a forward thinking, science based approach in the clinic. As a medical practitioner, it's really great to have access to such technology – it makes such a difference in helping our patients recover quicker and achieve the outcomes for them.

Secondly it's the range of patients we meet. I love being able to treat so many patients from all walks of life and conditions – we get a really diverse range here from teenage professional athletes, to office workers, to retirees – and the whole range of conditions and injuries that come with them! Clinical diagnosis and medical understanding of injuries is a keen interest of mine, so it's great to put that into practice with my patients!

“What inspired you professionally to become an osteopath?”

Well, it all started during my A-Levels when studying healthcare, I knew that healthcare was the root I wanted to go down. I think it was every Thursday evening while doing my A-Levels, I had work experience with a family friend who was an osteopath as I mentioned – I used to go with him down to the local rugby club, I loved the detective part of it and how hands-on it was in terms of investigating and dealing with the issues the players had – so yes, it all streamed from there and here I am now – after a long 4 year degree and experience working in clinics as an osteopath, I'm now here as a general practice osteopath at The Art of Healing!

“What are you most proud of to date?”

I think it’s most probably the clinic’s success rate and seeing patients walk happily! For example, a lady come into the clinic who was suffering from back pain for around 7 years, she had others try and relieve her pain with treatments but unfortunately didn’t work. She come into our clinic and we did a technique that actually adjusts a joint in the back after 1 session she was actually completely pain-free and the pain hasn’t come back to date.

“Lastly, is there anything surprising that your patients might not already know about you?”

My age! I’m 23, I think people expect me to be older… I have a huge sporting background. I pride myself on my diagnostic capabilities. With not long-ago finishing university, patients that come in with all the weird and wonderful conditions, I tend to be able to identify and really get to the root of the issues they are suffering and that’s why I think people do choose to come back to me.

If you are suffering from pain and would like expert advice or treatment, from Morgan or any of our team of amazing osteopaths, physiotherapists or acupuncturists - call us today on 0203 146 6755 or book online at www.theartofhealing.uk

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