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How to heal a herniated Disc?

August 16, 2022

Are you suffering from back pain?

Have you recently been diagnosed with a herniated or slipped disc?

Looking for advice on the best way to recover from a herniated disc?

Morgan Thompson – our general practice and clinical osteopath, helps to explain the causes, and how to heal a herniated disc.

Herniated disk healing time

To understand a disc bulge healing time, we must understand the basic disc anatomy. A disc is a rubbery pad between the spinal bones that acts like a shock absorber to cushion the spine. From a bird’s eye view they look like a cross section of a tree, with concentric rings that get smaller the further you get to the centre. In the middle of the disc is a jelly-like centre called the nucleus proposa.

For a disc bulge to happen, the outer layers tear, usually from a combination of flexion and
rotation (biaxial force), this can then allow the jelly like matter to push through the layers and bulge out from the disc and causes the symptoms such as pain, sciatica or numbness and tingling in the foot.

Just like with any injury, healing time can be variable from person to person as people heal at different rates. The NHS quotes that a disc bulge can take between 6-12 months to fully heal. Although Harvard Health sights that 90% of cases will fully resolve within 6 months. This may seem like a long period of time but the discs and spinal joints have to support are weight constantly, even when we are resting or sitting.

How to aid recovery time from a herniated disc

There are however many ways to help with your discs bulge and aid recovery time. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in proteins and anti-oxidants can support new tissue regeneration, which can help with recovery time.

Exercises such as swimming, where the buoyance of the water can take the pressure off the disc and allow you to better move the joints increasing fluid exchange and aiding healing time. However, proper manual and physical therapy can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful; herniated disc healing and decrease the chance of re-herniation.

How can we help

Manual therapy has been demonstrated in the research to be an effective way of improving spinal mobility and reducing pain in patients with disc bulges and can aid in a person’s recovery time.

At The Art Of Healing we pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to treating disc bulges, which uses a mixture of osteopathy, manual therapy and dry needling to reduce muscle tension allow space for the disc.

We also pride ourselves on using the the latest in orthopaedic and medical research for rehabilitation and techniques, such as our new IDD machine (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics machine), which is a successful and trusted cost effective, non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for back pain, neck pain and related problems caused by disc bulges.

As a clinic we have helped hundreds of patients suffering with disc bulges and offer guaranteed same day hands on treatment with our expert team to give you relief from your symptoms and develop plans for your future progression.

 if you at suffering from a herniated disc and looking for expert advice and treatment, we may be able to help. Book an appointment here, contact our team at info@theartofhealing.uk or Call us on 0203 146 6755.

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