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How do I treat Frozen Shoulder?

September 20, 2021

Is one or both of your shoulders getting stiffer?

Have you noticed a pain in the shoulder that just doesn’t get better?

Perhaps the range of motion is also getting worse too?

If you have these symptoms then you may have Frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a progressive shoulder condition that can appear out of nowhere with no initial injury. Frozen shoulder is an inflammatory condition that causes fibrosis of the glenohumeral joint capsule and is accompanied by gradually progressive stiffness and significant restriction of range of motion.

Patients also suffer from restricted shoulder rotations, resulting in difficulties in personal hygiene, clothing and brushing their hair. Another common concomitant condition with frozen shoulder is neck pain, mostly derived from overuse of cervical muscles to compensate the loss of shoulder motion.

Frozen Shoulder

There are three distinct phases to Frozen shoulder:

The first is the freezing stage and usually is quite painful especially in the morning and can last between 6 weeks and 6 months.

The next is the frozen phase (4-6 months), in this stage the pain may begin to reduce but will be exchanged for a decrease in overall shoulder mobility.

The last stage is the thawing phase, by this point the pain may have disappears and the range of motion may be beginning to get better (6 months to 2 years).

Adhesive capsulitis occurs in up to 5% of the population and females are 4 times more likely affected than men, while the non-dominant shoulder is more prone to be affected.

How can we help?

Manual therapy has been demonstrated in the media to be an effective way of improving shoulder mobility and reducing pain in patients with frozen shoulder. At The Art Of Healing we pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to treating frozen shoulder, which uses a mixture of osteopathy, manual therapy, dry needling and the latest in orthopaedic and medical research for rehabilitation and techniques has helped hundreds of patients at our clinic suffering with Frozen shoulder.

Book a treatment, we offer guaranteed same day hands on treatment with our expert team to give you relief from your symptoms and develop plans for future progression

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